Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Presentation slides

Day 3 (Mirza)

1.There are many reasons why I chose this project.Firstly,this project looked like the most fun and interesting out of all the projects,and frankly,it looked like the easiest to do.I also chose this project as I was interested in the topic itself.

2. My role in the group was the leader.I would tell my other members what to do and sometimes how to do it.Other than that,the work was pretty much equally spread out.We all did our parts in each of the different components.

3.I find that in this project, we didn't really encounter much problems.Some of the only problems we faced were working on the water tower itself.We had trouble finding the most exact and precise measurements and found ourselves redoing it multiple times.

4.I felt that I had learned many new and interesting things such as effective water tower designs.

5.I have learned to be a better individual in this project by working with different people(that I have not worked with before) I have learned to be a better leader.

Day 3 (Hakeem)

1) All the other projects were taken and this seemed the easiest among the ones left.

2) We didn't assign roles and each of us contributed in other ways.

3) We didn't really encountered many problems, except when we were making the actual tower because measuring the individual parts was really difficult and we had to be careful if we ever overshot. And so we had to eliminate the useless parts when needed.

4) I discovered that weak materials can be manipulated through to make the overall structure very strong, so we don't necessarily need strong materials to make a strong structure.

5) I learnt my to be more polite to my group members (the Please and Thank You's). I also learnt to work with other people and I should not judge someone because they have hidden talents that we might now know.

Reflections - Pranavi

Day 2 Reflection

From the plenary sessions I learnt the importance of water in a growing community. As asia is develops fast, it economy also develops and so there is a need for us to protect our water resources. I also found out how serious Singapore is about water related problems as I found out that the whole island is like a water catchment area.

I learnt about the importance of research and development in Singapore and the amount of importance of asia as a focal point for electronic companies. I also realized the importance of bionanoelectronics, a combination of biology and nanotechnology, and the wonders it can do for example programmable blood.

In this plenary session, I learnt how nanotechnology can change the whole world and help us view the world from a different perspective. As we understand nanotechnology, we also discover more about the wonders in the other topics too such as impurities causing difference in wavelengths and as a result we see different colours in each of the different gems.

I learnt that there are many different ways to make animations and I also learnt that there are traditional methods that are still being used to make the animations. I also learnt that 3D animations are cheaper than 2D animations because of the less demand of animators needed to make the animation.

I learnt that gravitational attraction is playing a part in the rise of the sea level and was also reminded that the sea level will not be the same everywhere and the average sea level rise every year is 1.8mm. I also learnt that the reduction of the attraction of water to the glacier causes the water to rise.

The plenary session that leaves the deepest impression on me is the talk on nanotechnology. What I like about it is how nanotechnology helps in most of the different types of subjects like detecting cancerous tumors when they are small in size.

Day 3 Reflection

I choose this project because it had some aspect of geography in it. At first I was interested in this project because the project was related to the structural design that was needed for earthquake resistant buildings which would have answered some of my question. However, I found out that this project had changed and the recent updated project did not include anything related to earthquakes but, I was able to learn more about structural engineering. There were no assigned roles in our group except for the role of the leader. However, each of our members contributed evenly to the project as there were no roles. The challenges that we encountered when working on this project in the last two days are the network access difficulties and some difficulties in solving the project for example, the limited amount of balsa wood that we were provided. Most of the difficulties that we had to face were overcome due to help provided by the mentors and the project supervisors and the rest were overcome due to the help provided by the teachers

My personal reflection - priyanka

1) I choose this project because this project shows importance of structure of buildings and makes us think divergently about how to design a structure which can withstand the water tower's load.

2) We did not assign roles to our group members. However, we worked together to accomplish all our deliverable.

3) The challenges were the measuring of the balsa wood as in we kept changing the ideas, thus changing the measurements to build the structure and how to start the building as in whether from inside or from the outside.

4) Through this project, we discover that we should get the measurements right and the platform should have been parallel to the ground and we should have applied the balsa cement all over the structure to dampen it.

5) As an individual, I have benefited from this programme by learning that we should be as divergent as possible in order to get divergent ideas.

6) My aspirations is to be as divergent as possible so I can get many ideas which I can use in the future in aspects of career.

Day 2 Reflections - Priyanka

If I had another chance, I would have put the columns in the same the same length so that the platform where the weights are being placed will be level. We should have put glue all over the structure because it dampens the stucture to make it rigid.

Day 2 (Water Tower Competition)

If you have another chance of building the water tower,how can you improve?

I could improve by paying more attention to detail in the building of the water tower.I believe our groups water tower failed so early because in the beginning,we didn't pay attention to detail and we only realized after the place where the weights would rest was slanted.Because so many changes had already been made,we could not correct the mistakes.