Tuesday, June 7, 2011

My personal reflection - priyanka

1) I choose this project because this project shows importance of structure of buildings and makes us think divergently about how to design a structure which can withstand the water tower's load.

2) We did not assign roles to our group members. However, we worked together to accomplish all our deliverable.

3) The challenges were the measuring of the balsa wood as in we kept changing the ideas, thus changing the measurements to build the structure and how to start the building as in whether from inside or from the outside.

4) Through this project, we discover that we should get the measurements right and the platform should have been parallel to the ground and we should have applied the balsa cement all over the structure to dampen it.

5) As an individual, I have benefited from this programme by learning that we should be as divergent as possible in order to get divergent ideas.

6) My aspirations is to be as divergent as possible so I can get many ideas which I can use in the future in aspects of career.

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