Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Day 1 Plenary sessions -Priyanka

'Importance of water - Dirty and Clean' by Prof Ng Wun Jern, Executive Director Nanyang Envirnonment & Water Research Institute (NEWRI)

I learnt that water that we use to consume for drinking, house chore and cleaning purposes is being depleted by being polluted through chemical means and organic means. Thus many people in Asia are suffering due to lack of clean water and thus many companies in Asia have been opened in order to clean water for people's consumption. Thus we have to come up with many solutions in order to purify the water such as filter filtering bacteria.

'Revolution of Microelectronics Technology' by Prof Yeo Kiat Seng, School of Electrical & Electronic Engineering Head of Division of Circuits & System

From this plenary session, I learnt that technology can be applied onto 9 basic and common fields. Those fields are Bio, Radio, Auto, Info, Nano, H2O, Audio Video and Energy. Electronics is scaling down to reach nanoscale. Biology is scaling up to reach nanoscale. Thus, BioNano Engineering is being created.

'Innovative breakthrroughs in Nano-Science and Nano-Tecnology" by Prof Ma an, Chair, School of Materials Science and Engineering.

Nano Technology helped mankind in many ways such as removing cataract, camera pill, computer circuits being downsized and so on. Nano means 10^-9 which shows that Nanotechnology is very small yet it is powerful. For an example, spiderman's web is made of nano technology which tells that the web is small yet it can withstand spiderman's weight. This shows that Nano technology is small yet powerful.

'IT for Animation' by Prof Seah Hock Soon, School of Computer Engineering, Division of Computing Systems

Animation is an interesting topic where it shows many perspectives such as stop motion and 3D Animation. One example is Sailor Moon, which is an anime made in Japan. Each frame is being literally drawn and coloured by hand, thus more labour intensive. People think that 2D animation is more labour intensive, thus more expensive than 3D animation. For an example, people had to act out to be put in animation by capturing their emotions and movement in the movie, Avatar.

'Disappearing glaciers, rising sea levels, and why gravity is even more important than you think' by Asst Prof Emma Hill, School of Physical & Mathematical Sciences, Division of Earth Sciences.

In cold countries, glaciers actually have a lot of mass, so water near by will be attracted to the glaciers near the coast, thus having a higher water level in that area. However, in tropic places like Africa will have a lower water level. Once the glaciers in the cold countries melt, the water near by those areas will be less attracted to them, thus having a lower water level. But in the tropic areas, the water level will by higher. Gravity changes in every part of the world and thus gravity can never be the same always.

The plenary session that leaves the deepest impression on me is Plenary Session 4 because the concept about animation is very interesting in many points of view such as Highlights, shadows, stop motion and so on.

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