Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Day 1 (Plenary Sessions) Hakeem

Part A

1) I learned that water should not and cannot be taken for granted because in other countries, they don't have such an efficient water system and their water is dirty and full of bacteria.

2) I learned that Singapore is at the heart of Asia which is at the focal point of electronics. Also, I learnt about the 9 O's.

3) I learned that examples of Nano-Science and Nano-Technology can be found naturally and artificially.

4) I learned that 2D Animation is very labour intensive because of the tedious process of daring and animating the characters. It can be much for expensive then 3D Animation although in 3D Animation, more knowledge is required to make the 3D film.

5) I learned that glaciers attract water near them, and thus the water level of the sea far from them is low. When the glaciers melt, the water level around them reduces, causing that far from the glacier to rise.

Part B

I find the plenary session on the melting glaciers most interesting because to me, that was the most interesting. Also, I have heard talks about not taking water for granted, but I have not heard this before, thus I find it the most interesting among the talks that I have not heard before. The effect Gravity has on the water affects many countries and even more people. Because of this I find it interesting.

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