Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Day 3 (Mirza)

1.There are many reasons why I chose this project.Firstly,this project looked like the most fun and interesting out of all the projects,and frankly,it looked like the easiest to do.I also chose this project as I was interested in the topic itself.

2. My role in the group was the leader.I would tell my other members what to do and sometimes how to do it.Other than that,the work was pretty much equally spread out.We all did our parts in each of the different components.

3.I find that in this project, we didn't really encounter much problems.Some of the only problems we faced were working on the water tower itself.We had trouble finding the most exact and precise measurements and found ourselves redoing it multiple times.

4.I felt that I had learned many new and interesting things such as effective water tower designs.

5.I have learned to be a better individual in this project by working with different people(that I have not worked with before) I have learned to be a better leader.

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